Medical hair loss can be an extremely distressing condition for many and can hugely affect a person’s confidence and self esteem. Jayne has suffered with Autoimmune Alopecia Universalis for over 14 years and knows first hand how important cosmetic tattoo procedures are for her clients.

Around 12 years ago Jayne had her brows reconstructed by a cosmetic tattoo technician in Ireland and it was an experience that she would rather forget. Jayne explained to the technician that she wanted the treatment to look as natural as possible and asked for hair strokes to be visible and the finished result was anything but that. The wrong shape, the wrong colour, and the result were a very heavy, blocked in appearance, which lasted in the skin for several years. It was this experience coupled with her love of watercolour art, which prompted Jayne to pursue a career in cosmetic tattooing. Her passion drives her to be the best she can be, as she knows how important this treatment is for people.  It is the small changes that can make the biggest difference.

It is very important to ask to see a technician’s gallery of work before opting for a procedure from that technician. Cosmetic Tattooing is not only a skill based treatment but it also requires a certain amount of artistic creativity. Be very careful of technicians offering cosetic tattooing cheaply as quite often the results will be second-rate and the hygiene / disinfection of equipment may be below par. Remember this is your face we are talking about.

Anyone suffering medical hair loss through autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems etc or cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy can all benefit from cosmetic tattooing.





Jayne is also the author a fascinating alopecia blog called Alopecia Antics

If you are interested in cosmetic tattoo treatments or if you would like to speak with Jayne about anything alopecia related please email as she is always delighted to help out where she can.

If you suffer from any of the conditions above it is advised to seek medical advise from your doctor before undertaking a procedure especially if you are on specific medication.

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