What is cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic Tattooing can also be referred to as “Permanent Cosmetics” or “Micropigmentation”. The procedures use specially formulated iron oxide and natural pigments which are placed around 1mm into the upper layer of the dermis using a hand piece which holds a group of sterile needles.

The procedure is perfectly safe and has been medically approved. The highly concentrated medical grade pigments used at Dermaventure are ECURI which have a history of long-term use and to date there have been no recorded cases of allergic reactions due to applied pigments. Our products are of the highest quality and were developed in Europe by the leading manufacturers of digital machines and permanent cosmetic consumables.

Is cosmetic tattooing safe?

Yes, when performed by a fully qualified and competent technician. All equipment is kept to the strictest of hygiene and sterilisation standards. Pre-packed sterile needle cartridges are used for each individual client. As explained above the pigments used have not been known to cause any sort of allergic reaction but as precautionary practice we perform a 48 hour patch test on the client’s skin prior to any treatment.

Are any of the procedures painful?

An anaesthetic cream can be used on the area prior to treatment, thus easing any discomfort that the client might feel. This must be prescribed to the client by a doctor and distributed by a pharmacist.  Each client is different, most feel nothing at all whereas others can feel a slight discomfort, a prickling sensation in the skin. There is minimal trauma to the area because of the shallow depth that the pigment is applied into the skin.

How long will a procedure take to complete?

The whole procedure can take anywhere between 2 and 3 hours.  Much of this time is taken up during the design process.  No cosmetic tattooing is conducted unless the client is 100% satisfied with the design first.

Will the end result look natural?

At Dermaventure we specialise in producing natural aesthetically pleasing results.  Not only will the results look natural they will give a more refreshed and uplifting look to the face. We have an extensive range of colours which is increased by the ability to mix them. When placed into the skin the pigments settle very naturally with the individuals skin tone. Your friends need never know that you have ever had a procedure done, they will see a more subtly defined and refreshed you.

Cosmetic tattooing can be as subtle or as strong as you would like however I always advise my clients to use it as an enhancement procedure since bolder fashions and styles of make up can date quickly.

Remember: Small changes make a big difference to the face.

Is there any chance of the treatment area becoming infected?

We adhere to the strictest standard of hygiene and sanitation. All treatment accessories are disposable consumables, the needles used are single use/disposable and a new needle is opened in-front of the client before each treatment. An aftercare guideline is given to the client after the treatment and if adhered to there should be no problems with infection as long as the treated area is kept clean and free from debris.

If the client is prone to the Herpes Simplex Virus, otherwise known as the cold sore virus, there is a chance that the Lip Enhancement procedure could instigate an outbreak so it is important to be advised by a doctor of a treatment plan previous to the procedure to try to prevent this happening.

Who would benefit from cosmetic tattooing?

Many many people would benefit from permanent cosmetics, from those people who want to look their best everyday with little hassle to those who find it a necessity to have the treatments because of medical problems.

  • Athletes who want make-up to stay in place during extreme perspiration.
  • Career women who lack time to constantly be applying make-up throughout the day.
  • People with alopecia who have lost their eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • People who have undergone chemotherapy and the hair on their eyebrows have grown back sparse.
  • Those with eyesight problems or those who do not have a steady enough hand to apply conventional make up on a daily basis eg MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Parkinson Disease sufferers.
  • The millions of people who suffer allergic reactions to conventional make-ups.

How long do permanent cosmetic results last?

The results of cosmetic tattooing will last up to 12 months before the treated area will need a colour boost. Since everyone’s skin type is different and their cells regenerate at a different rates the longevity of a treatment depends entirely on that individual skin type and after care regime.  Client’s who have alopecia tend to have to come for a colour boost every 6 months. In the initial two weeks care should be taken not to allow the treated areas to get wet or expose the treated areas to strong UVA rays, chlorine, salts and saunas, certain face products as these will all reduce the life of your treatment.

Certain factors can influence how readily the skin accepts permanent cosmetic pigments and the longevity of the treatment. Clients who suffer an autoimmune disease, alopecia or take certain medications may need to have additional treatments. This shall be discussed between the technician and the client before the procedure proceeds and any additional treatments shall be agreed upon and charged accordingly.

To maintain the results of cosmetic tattooing it is recommended that the procedure be repeated every 12 months, this keeps the look refreshed and the lines sharp and defined.