Useful Info


Careful attention is required to ensure the best possible settling of your cosmetic tattoo treatment.
Please remember that the area treated may show redness and slight swelling and have a small degree of weeping in the first 24 – 48 hours (each individual is different, the “weeping” is lymph fluid helping to heal the area) – this is all quite normal. The treated area may also look quite dark and intense in colour however as the area heals the treatment shall fade by almost 30%.

A second treatment cannot be undertaken until the area has completely healed. You will have booked to come back for the second treatment between 4 and 6 weeks.


Immediately after treatment your technician will apply a fine film of after care ointment using a clean sterile cotton bud onto the treated area. You will be given aftercare ointment home with you to apply sparingly to the area. (Do not over apply and do not touch the treated area with fingers as this may cause an infection). The area treated MUST BE KEPT MOIST for successful healing, with minimal scabbing. Continue applying cream morning and evening for 5 days only and then allow the area to heal free from any products for the remainder of the time.

It is extremely important to keep the treated area COMPLETELY DRY FOR 14 DAYS. Do not expose the treated area to high pressure of water in a shower and do not have steam baths or saunas until completely healed, as this will open the pores and allow pigment to be forced out.

Do not expose the treated area to direct sunlight or sun beds for at least 14 days. Exposure to the sun over time will cause fading and colour change. It is important to remember to use a waterproof total sunblock at all times.

Absolutely no soaps, cleansing creams or chemicals may be applied to the pigmented area during the healing phase of at least 10 days.

Avoid salt and chlorinated water, as the acids will affect the colour pigment so avoid swimming.

Do not apply Retin-A to the pigmented area or any other skin rejuvenation products.


The treated areas (brows, eyes, lips), will appear very exact, dark and intense for approximately 3 to 10 days.
What appears to be too dark on your initial saturation visit will exfoliate during this time. As healing progresses, the colour will soften. The treated area may even appear a little too light as the healing layers of skin are peeling away from the pigmented area.

Do not try to remove any of the healing layers of skin, as this will fall off naturally within the healing process. To remove it yourself may cause the pigment to weep if the new layer of skin has not yet completely formed and may also result in patchy pigmentation.


MRI Scans – This procedure shows up as an artifact on the scan. Some clients may experience a tingling sensation. Please notify radiologist.

Injectables, such as Botox and Collagen can alter the shape of eyebrows or the lipline.

Laser Hair Removal on the lipline can cause colour change – it is important to advise LHR technician that you have previously had a cosmetically tattooed lipline.

Remember that colours will fade and can alter in colour – a colour boost procedure after 12 months is advised to keep your cosmetic tattoo results in top condition.





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